Natalya Umanska

Natalya Umanska is an international cabaret artist based in Norwich, UK. With a diverse collection of glamorous acts, inspired by the daring and decadence of a bygone era, this show girl will add exceptional dazzle, sparkle and wit to any event.


Natalya comes from a theatrical background. She trained in two of the most prestigious drama schools in Europe and is renowned for creating innovative and witty acts. In 2013 she became a finalist for Burlesque Idol, hosted by the well reputed House of Burlesque in London.


Natalya has entertained a variety of private clients from top British designers to ballet dancing lawyers. She has been published in Burlesque Bible (UK) and Delicious Dolls Magazine (USA) and when not performing is a popular pin up model.


Natalya is a well respected producer and regularly puts on events with her branch of the internationally acclaimed "Dr. Sketchy's Anti-Art School" and her variety show "Le Theatre de Decadence.

"Being funny AND gorgeous at the same time is something of an achievement, but combining that with the skills of encouraging audience participation and sitting on the type of chair normally reserved for torturing secret agents whilst playing classical piano with astonishing aplomb is just showing off. She gives 200% and the audience love her almost as much as I do."
Nick Miller, Sacrebleu Cabaret, London

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